Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas 2005

A friend of mine asked me how my Christmas was and I realized I had forgotten to share HERE how it went. Here is what I wrote to my friend (saving some time today):

Christmas was alright. I worked Christmas Eve 8pm through till 8am on Christmas. Then went to church. Then took a couple hour nap. Then tried to find the house of a family in my new ward who invited me over for some goodies because I am alone out here (and theyre just really cool). Then got lost driving in the dark with no cell phone reception and without their number. Then pulled over into the parking lot of a boat place and nearly cried. Said a prayer. Got one bar of reception long enough to check voicemail, had their number on there, then call them and got better directions. Then reception went out again. Then got lost AGAIN. Then went to turn around and kept being followed. Was frustrated that I couldnt get lost in peace. Then figured out it was the dad of the family who invited me over. He had found me and had me follow him to their house. Then then then then then then...

My prayer was not only answered to get cell phone reception and better directions but he sent me a guardian angel in a pick-up truck to guide me to my destination.THEN I had to work at 8pm on Christmas through till 8am the day after. Boy was I tired.

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