Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Sometimes it just happens that way...

Whoa! Holy Cow! What the...?!?! No way!

Now that all those are out of your system, read on.

I called my parents on Christmas Eve, mid-evening their time, to wish them a Merry Christmas early since the next day was going to be hectic. By miracle I didn't have to work on the 24th this year, and Ben's family invited me over for the holiday. Since Ben was with me while I called my parents, I handed him the phone to say hi.

My father wasted no time and asked, "What are your intentions in dating my daughter?" Ben replied, "I want to marry her."

After speaking with my parents, he got my father's blessing.

Early EARLY on Christmas morning Ben got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him.

My answer? Well, I'll tell you in a minute. I'd like to discuss (type) a few things first while I have your captive attention.

First off, Ben and I haven't been dating for long... we haven't known each other much longer than we've been dating for that matter.

Have you ever met someone and had an instant "click"? Personalities, opinions, perspectives, interests, past experiences, future goals, etc.... all in line with each other? I hadn't, until I met Ben.

Just after our second date, I felt as if he were an old childhood friend. Everything fell into place. An instant connection... I guess sometimes it just happens that way.

I told myself I'd never date a recently returned missionary. Oops.

I told myself I'd go through a l-o-n-g courtship and short engagement. Oops.

Sometimes we have to let life take us on a wild unexpected ride.

Oh... and I said YES.
Note added 10/3/2007: Continue on for a few months and you will learn that I had to call this whole thing off. People and situations aren't always what they seem. I learned some interesting life lessons through it all, but it was tough. Time is a good healer. And so is God. He was with me through it all, and I am grateful for the lessons I learned, and even more grateful that He nudged me hard eough to prompt me to end everything. He knows what's best.

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