Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lesson on love...

I learned a good lesson on love while traveling the beltway around D.C. on my way home from church today. I passed by a woman on the side of the road who looked as if she were trying to find the spare tire in the trunk of her car. The beltway is a crazy roadway and I was not able to stop and help immediately. After her car left my sight, I got a prompting to go help. I took the next exit, got on the beltway the opposite direction, passed where she was on the other side, exited again, and then reentered the beltway so I could find her once more.

I did find her again, and someone else had by then pulled over and was helping replace her tire. My brain was bummed out over the fact that I didn’t get to help her (hey, I’m imperfect and still very human). HOWEVER, my heart felt this new sincere love for this woman... and I was overjoyed knowing that she was being helped by someone.

I didn’t have to be me.

The woman today was blessed with a stranger wielding a lug-wrench. The stranger was blessed with the joy of serving another of God’s children. And I... I was blessed with a simple lesson on love.

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Jake and Annika said...

You have the sweetest spirit! I'm going to try to duplicate your sweet outlook on life this week!