Monday, September 24, 2007

A good drive

Mom was trying to take photos from the car when we drove from Maryland to Upstate New York last month. Here we see Mike (my dashboard turtle), very little traffic, and a gross grey sky that followed us the whole way up.

I miss driving out East. There's a thrill in bookin' it around the DC Beltway that one just can't replace up here in Alaska.

I did drive the Glen highway out to a friend's wedding reception this last Saturday. I was probably too excited for my own good... my thrills came from merging on and exiting off the highway. With windows down and a big smile on my face, I'm sure the drivers around me thought I was looney. Despite the fact that it was the closest thing thusfar to driving in Maryland/DC area... it was child's play. Look up traffic in the dictionary and you'll find two pictures of the DC Beltway; one of rush hour when you can literally get out of your car and wait, and the other of the same sretch when there's so little traffic you truly feel a rush of freedom as you fly over the pavement.

The trip up to New York was more than about driving up there. It was a trip to visit my mother's family. Friends, this is my Grandma Joan. Oh yeah, and that's me with her.

We haven't been close in distance ever, which puts a cramp on a tight relationship. She's internet savvy now and we enjoy emailing back and forth. I've been out to New York only twice before this trip, so you can see how important this visit was. The first time I was 3 years old and with my mother. The second time I was 15 and turning 16 in a couple months, the trip was a gift from my parents. Last month, seven years later, there I was. I do hope it doesn't take another seven years for me to get my butt out to see family again. It was a good visit, and I'd like one like it to happen again before people start dying on me.

More introductions and stories will come as I develop my film. :)

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Cori Countess said...

aawww... Look at Jo-Jo and her grandmother. That's so precious that I know you felt the motherly spirit that so adorns this photograph. The memory that you two now share validates this picture as precious. Keep it close.

Your friend,