Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I have....

I have been negligent. I have not written in.... forever. I have been busy. I have had other things taking up my time. I have dedicated most of my time to other people and am now taking a moment for myself. So there.

In addition to my condensed version of updates below, I changed my cellular plan to AT&T and upgraded to a good phone. My plan allows unlimited net usage which means I can take photos during my crazy days and when I figure out how, I can post them straight to the blog from my phone. I'll do my first test ones after I'm done with this post.

Yay for blogging-on-the-run.

The first update missed was the much celebrated arrival of my dearest friends pictured below. They lived up here in Alaska for 4 years, their first year being my last year before I bailed out of the state. I didn't meet them till I was in Maryland. We had instant connections which grew into a great friendship and I ended up living in their basement for a while even... and then on base in temporary housing with them for a few weeks as they shipped out to Idaho (my heart broke that day). Well... One year after they left Maryland, and 6 months after I left Maryland... guess who just moved back to Alaska and bought house!?!?!? Yuppers, THEY'RE HERE!!! Life is now complete.

Next came disc golf. April 19th I got suckered into playing disc golf with two good friends of mine. I had played (hacked at it) once before in my life and that was in Provo, Utah. I thought it was some funny backwards Utah sport. Turns out we have 2 courses here in Anchorage and they've actually been here for quite a while. The day was beautiful and the company I kept was wonderful. There was snow here, mud there, frozen water that way, and running water this-a-way. The day was superb with a much needed sanity-saving outing followed by strawberry smoothies and a chic flick.

Next was April 25th, 2008. Save the date, it made history. Not only did the young and older single adults in my church get together for a food drive complete with driving themed light-hearted activities (it was fun, and great to entertain the two kids that came), but we did so amidst a record-breaking...........

SNOW STORM!!!! It snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed. Welcome home to Alaska. One minute it's great, the next it's covered in white stuff so deep you don't park your car... you drive until you bottom-out. But I have to say, we had a nice little snowball fight after the food drive.... it was perfect (and boy do I mean PERFECT) snowball and snowman snow... as you can see Shad demonstrated below with his handiwork.

More fun to come, the snow is gone now and the weather is t-shirt friendly... at least for Alaska standards it is.

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