Thursday, June 26, 2008

Unexpected Lullabies

I got a call yesterday from home that was urgent and pressing. At first I thought the dog had died. Thank goodness I was wrong. The upstairs bathroom had flooded. I guess I could say MY bathroom had flooded... But it's only mine for a few more days since I'm moving to an apartment in midtown soon. Anyway, there was a flood. Oh the excitement. As you can see, the floor got ripped up. Not so bad, I've lived in worse. Remember I used to live in Downtown Baltimore. 100 degree weather+100% humidity = pure misery when the AC went out and the freezer defrosted. And then there was the place with the kitchen that doubled as a military base for ants. THRILLING. I must say, the floor in the bathroom at the parent's place doesn't look half bad without vinyl and the two monster fans do a pretty good job lulling... me... to... sleep. Zzzzzzzz...

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