Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Power of YouTube

On Saturday some friends and I decided to try the theory (made popular on that one can pop popcorn with the radiation emitted by active cell phones.

As you can see, success was not achieved.

And here is everyone watching the YouTube video that says it's all a joke... 

Feeling very very silly.

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**K** said...

LOL! When I first heard of this vid it was during a show that was exposing it as false. The makers of it sell Bluetooth headpieces and admitted that they put a blatantly false video on the Net just so they could sell more of their product. Of course they didn't phrase it this way... it was sugarcoated. This is also why I do not mention their name and why I wouldn't buy anything they make. If you gotta lie to people to get your product off the shelf there is something wrong with you.