Saturday, August 23, 2008


There has been a lot of just... random things popping up this week.

I'll start with the picture, so there's less time with you sitting there thinking I'm crazy.  

One of the school kids a client of mine works with used every single Boggle (it's a word game) cube to make a phrase.  Granted, the phrase is a little out-there, but I admit she did a good job.  Can't you see it being used in the future?  After some kid gets in trouble his friend turns to him and says, "Dude, you're in ice hot baby soup."    It cracked me up and I just HAD to share, and the creative young lady gave me permission too.  She is just starting the 2nd grade and says hi.

This morning I watched a woman cross the street walking what looked like a cross between a poodle and a pug.  Seriously.  It fascinated me and I spent the rest of the drive to my first location wondering what that dog could possibly be called.  I am torn between "Pu-Doodle" and "Pug-Ooodle".  I like them both.

Last night as I was leaving my friend's apartment I was startled half to death when I stepped around the corner of the building.  There were two cops standing there with two people and everyone was silent.  I kinda jumped as I turned the corner and said, "Ooh! You scared the crap out of me!" -Silence-  That's right, complete silence.  Talk about rude.  I had to walk THROUGH everyone to get to my car and nobody would even give me the dignity of acknowledgment.  A grunt would have sufficed.  Gee whiz.  

Those weren't the first cops I saw yesterday.  Everywhere I travelled yesterday there were at least 5 police cars within my sight.  Seriously.  From 9 yesterday morning to *cough* 1:30 this morning  they were everywhere all the time.  No complaints though, I felt rather safe.

I know more interesting things went on this week but I can't put a finger on them.  I just wanted to update the blog a little while I'm waiting for gazillions of photos to upload from the camping trip I went on this last weekend.  


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