Friday, March 13, 2009


I'm safely on the ground in Syracuse. My car is rented (Yay for Chevys!). I now sit in the first non fast-food place to eat that I found upon exit from the airport. Food is a welcome sight currently. In prep for the flight I've been trying to avoid food; a practice that certainly couldn't hurt me. It worked too. This was one of my best flying experiences yet. That and this fresh shrimp-stuffed Haddock tastes amazing. Speaking of which... I should eat and mingle. The people here are great. Hugs to all.


Cori Countess said...

It feels good to know that you're at least on the east coast. The reason for there being warmth in the air has jusy been answered.

Welcome back, Jo-Jo.

Your friend always,

The Steve said...

Glad you had a good flight ! Question, why avoid food before a flight ?

Joanna E. Dickson said...

Cori, I'm only here till the 23rd. Hope it doesn't get colder when I leave. :)

and Steve, I love flying but my stomach does not. It's the whole multiple connections pressure changes thing. In my past I have actually been in the plane bathroom as we landed... something I didn't want to experience every again. That's why I've learned to avoid food before flight.

The Steve said...

Ouch, sorry to hear that Joanna. What about eating while the plane is cruising in the air ? The stewardesses are super nice, and always have plenty of treats ^_^