Friday, March 6, 2009

...hanging on a string outside the mug...

Another page was -Rip!- cleared off my giant desk calendar at work as of Monday.  I thought to myself, "I should update my blog, really update it".

Thus far I've updated here and there lazily through my cell phone.   Hey, at least I did something.

Being the single young lady I am I have no married life, crazy husband, rambunctious children, or family adventures of the sort to report and shine about for the public to enjoy.  Sometimes I wonder what I should talk about here.  I desire to share, but what I have to share isn't always the most public friendly in the sense of... privacy?   Plenty of interesting and dare I say dramatic things go on day to day and week to week in my life.  I just wonder, where should sharing begin and end?  

Is it kosher to anonymously share stories involving others that are pertinent to my life?  Should I discuss how life's realities keep hitting me in the face?  Do you want to know enough to be capable of identifying how each song on the music player at the bottom relates to life in my world?  

How about this?  I am going to begin tonight by just typing up what I'm doing and seeing where it brings me in conversation.  It's one-way conversation, but it's conversation nonetheless.

I'm sitting here typing to the world and enjoying a cup of herbal tea.  I suppose since a dear friend educated me the other day regarding appropriate lingo of hot drinks, I should state such bland activities properly: "So I'm sitting here typing to the world and enjoying a cup of herbal infusion".  Yes, infusion.  The word tea implies that such drinks are made using tea leaves, which is not the case for what the public identifies as "herbal teas"... you know, those non-caffeinated non-tea-leaf-containing ones that Mormons can drink. 

The infusion isn't that tasty... but it's warm which is good.  That and it has a fortune-like saying printed on the paper tag hanging on a string outside the mug.  It says, "YOUR CHOICES WILL CHANGE THE WORLD".   A thought of, "Oh cool, a fortune on the tag" was quickly followed by, "Oh goodness, that's a lot of pressure".   What an expectation.  I agree that it's true though.  The choices of every single person somehow affect and change the world now or later.  We cannot take place in occupying a body and having a life sustained on this Earth without affecting something sometime.  The strongest influences in the world are between people therefore I hypothesize that the greatest contribution toward changing the world via our choices is by choosing wisely how we treat others.

One person at a time... change the world one person at a time.  That is my challenge to any who pass this way.  

Good night.


The Steve said...

I like the new layout and look ! What is your favorite tea ? I am always a peppermint fan ^_^

Take care !


Joanna E. Dickson said...

Thank's Steve! My favorite "infusion" happens to be raspberry.

The Steve said...

I should give that flavor a try. Also been meaning to try peach, I heard it is a tasty one too !

I have been blogging around for a while. Since 2003 if I recall correctly. Been meaning to post more pictures lately, ran out of things to shoot though haha

Ruby Tuesday is sort of a photo challenge. All of the pictures posted are suppose to have something red in them. I do that and Sky Watch fridays so more peeps can see my pictures. I sometimes crave attention ^_^