Friday, August 28, 2009

In lieu of dating...

A few weeks ago I adopted Mango from the Humane Society.  

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of cats.  I adopted a cat when I was at BYU that desperately needed a loving home.  She had gone from a cage to a family that didn't love her, back to a cage.  It took her two weeks to finally come out of hiding and realize I was ok. Her name was Jennamiah and she was exception #1 to my "I don't like cats" stance.  Mango is #2.

When I moved myself out to Maryland, Jennamiah couldn't come with me.  I had a friend whose sister had gone through some traumatic experiences and we found that Jennamiah was the puuurrr-fect therapy for her.  

I thought for sure never would I have a cat again, especially back in Alaska where my mother lives who happens to be very allergic to those of the feline influence.

I was thinking the other day about the company I keep.  Yes, I have 3 rescued frogs living with me.  They are African Clawed Frogs who happen to not have teeth or tongues so they aren't just 3 rescued frogs, they are 3 very strange frogs as well.  I also have an aging Beta Fish, respectively referred to as "Fish".   My relationship with my tank & bowl-bound housemates is very much one of all give and no take.  The frogs can't cuddle and the fish can't go on a walk around the block.  Now, while in D.C. I did consider a social experiment of putting a goldfish in a sealed plastic bag tied to a leash and walking down the sidewalk next to the Reflecting Pool with the fish-in-bag-on-leash bobbing along beside me in the water.  Unfortunately, I didn't do it.  Regardless, my dearest Fish would be upset at the idea; He goes stir crazy from simply moving his bowl somewhere different.   

Seeing as I keep very little company (pun intended), am super busy, and as y'all know have hit a brick wall in the dating realm... I'm sorta lonely.

In lieu of dating, I adopted Mango.  She cuddles, runs around chasing a simple laser light providing hours of entertainment, is learning to walk on a leash,  and somehow has the magical powers to help me sleep better.  I only have 3 issues with her: 1) She really likes my belly dance coin skirt and has decided it must be delicious, 2) her new favorite place to lounge is in my textbooks, but only when I'm studying from them, and 3) oh-my-goodness, she farts like a dog. Really.  

In just these few weeks I've felt relief of sorts from simply having a furry companion who gives back just a little bit each day.  I feed her, groom her, make sure she has a clean place to leave her digested deposits, play with her, tolerate her flatulence, take her on drives on the weekends.... and all she has to do in return is show me she cares in that I-dropped-my-toy-in-my-water-dish-please-do-something-about-it-then-I'll-love-you way that cats do. 


Saera said...

YAY Kitties! Having a pet definitely helps in a lot of ways. Like any person or relationship, cats have their give and take, but the benefit of just not being the only warm cuddly being in a place is a big one! Congrats, and Mango sure is cute!

Fattastic said...

Cute kitty! I love cuddly pets.