Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Dash of Sympathy

by Joanna E. Dickson

Familiar far too well with the torment of heartbreak, I want to remind everyone that the pain goes both ways. It may hurt to have one’s heart torn to shreds, but it can be an equally painful and tormenting experience while standing in the shoes of the one doing the tearing.

A message to those on either side: Exercise an element of understanding with a dash of sympathy, sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. Every experience is for our benefit. Sooner or later you will look back on the gloomier moments in your life to discover innumerable lessons learned and know Heavenly Father was with you every step of the way.

* * *

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(This will probably be condensed and published in the March 2010 issue of the Anchorage, Alaska Institute of Religion newsletter).

***Note to those wondering why I posted this before the newsletter is out: I felt like it needed to be posted now rather than later. Kindly, back off.***


Your Alibi said...

I would like to commend your view that the hurt from a heart break indeed does go both ways in some conditions. As you put it nicely it is not just the person being broken up, but also the person doing the break when it is realised the relationship is stagnant but both still have feelings.

Joanna E. Dickson said...

Thank you for the comment.

tasflowrance said...

Thank you for this good topic