Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Going Green in the Dating Scene

by Joanna E. Dickson

Going Green: A statement we’re hearing, reading and running into all over the place lately. Everything is touted as either reusable or recyclable, except plastics with numbers greater than 2 and glass in Alaska, but nobody’s bitter about that.

Speaking of bitter, we can battle bitter blues and dating dilemmas this year by “going green” in the dating scene. Men, it’s 2010 and the women in your life would like you to put down the video games and ask them on dates. The following are a few fun date activities that can be easily revisited, reused and recycled that are great to participate in paired off and combined with other couples (or with friends or family if your date ditches at the last minute).

A Matter of Intellect: Every 2nd Wednesday the Alaska Zoo’s Gateway Building opens at 6pm with a “Wildlife Wednesdays” free science lecture at 7 p.m. This monthly event runs through April 14, 2010. Visit www.alaskazoo.org for more details. IDEA: Take notes and compare them over hot chocolate after the lecture.

The Arts: On the first Friday of each month, art galleries and other venues in downtown Anchorage remain open late to welcome the public in viewing new work by local artists (most of these venues also have great music and snacks for visitors). The art walk begins at 5:30 and ends at 8 p.m. Maps are available in the Anchorage Press or you can just have fun wandering your way around downtown. IDEA: Pick a random couple and nonchalantly follow them through the venues.

Movin’ and Groovin’: Every night of the week there are opportunities to learn various dance styles all over Anchorage. My personal favorite are the lessons taught in the Golden Lion Hotel’s lounge on Friday evenings (they have a dance floor and live music). Lessons are from 7 to 8 p.m. and the dance floor is open late. The crowd is small, the instructors are tons of fun, and the environment is as wholesome as you may find in the city outside of a church gymnasium. Remember to wear practical shoes. More information and a schedule can be found at www.akswing.com IDEA: During the lesson you may be trading dance partners frequently. Make it a game to remember the names of everyone you dance with.

Happy dating everyone, and remember, GO GREEN in the dating scene!

(This was condensed and published in the Anchorage Alaska Institute Council newsletter for January 2010).

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