Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sustenance, Suits and S'mores on Saturday

Today our postal workers gathered food from all over the city to donate to the local food pantry. The postcards in the mail to tell residents of this great communal effort said to put non-perishable food in a bag and set it near one's mailbox. Uh... heck no! A small black bear has been known to roam our area as well as other animals (including fellow humans) that are attracted to food; the last thing I was going to do was leave out food in the open. As you can see, I stuffed my little locked mailbox with various cans and a box of lime Jello (the "Mormon-y" side of me couldn't resist). What you don't see is that a hefty jar of peanut butter didn't fit so I put it in our outgoing mail box with the flag up accompanying a letter to an old friend in Maryland (you also didn't see that I went out and did all this while heavily medicated and wearing pink fuzzy slippers). This was such a small thing and yet I found it quite fun. Hooray for supporting local causes!
My lazy Saturday ended with dinner and dessert at the parents' house with 2 sets of missionaries from church. There was the pair serving in the Young Single Adult (YSA) ward (congregation) and the pair serving in the Hmong branch (smaller congregation that is in this case language-specific). Dad made his famous 5 noodle, 3 pepper soup... but forgot one noodle type so it turned into 4 noodle, 3 pepper soup. This version featured deer (not something we get often up here) and chicken hearts (per my request because they are my FAVORITE) as the soup's meat. Very yummy; less spicy than in the past. I ate my first green salad since January tonight as well; they have been the cause of a lot of agony so I've been in avoidance mode. Pray it's not a trigger for issues tonight... I've been missing my greens.

Side note: I (apparently) really (really) really (like) using (parenthesis) today.

After dinner we enjoyed s'mores made with GIANT (see how big they are compared with the chocolate bar?) marshmallows.
At Christmas I enjoy a fun tradition I purposely started within the last few years of roasting s'mores outside over the grill (or whatever you can get lit on fire). This last Christmas I was unable to participate due to illness and the s'mores were not made nor eaten. I was so happy to see the bag of massive marshmallows on the counter and hear dad ask, "What do you think of s'mores for dessert?". Mmmmm-mmmm. Post-gallbladder removal surgery day 8; time to experiment with food.

Oh my goodness. Those s'mores were amazing! With super GIANT marshmallows you don't have to put 2 on the roasting stick. One is definitely plenty. The s'mores were EXTRA messy and hilarious to eat while trying to keep an air of dignity. I ended up hiding in the corner laughing hard while attempting to finish s'more number one. By the time our marshmallow-roasting adventures were over, I had ooey gooey marshmallow goo all over myself... as did the elders. Way fun.
It took me hanging out on a Saturday night while fairly medicated for pain with my parents and 4 young men at least four years (at most 6 and a half) my junior who are un-datable and serving God on a proselytizing mission 24/7 for the next 2 years for me to laugh and really say I had FUN fun.

Now why aren't I having these kinds of enjoyable times with people my own age that are actually huggable? Hm.

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