Friday, September 17, 2010

Do Unicorns Poop Rainbows?

This is what my friend Emily posted as her status on Facebook recently.

One response to it that was posted said:
Unicorn: I swear Noah said the Ark was leaving at 5:30
Noah: Sweet, an extra room!
This got me thinking which is not good when I'm tired because either really clever (yay!) or really stupid (not so yay) stuff gets recorded in journals, on Facebook, here on my blog... or in all three.

I commented on Emily's status with a small novel that I dare say is more stupid than clever; perhaps a 92:8 ratio.  Yikes.  Enjoy... because it's featured below.

Disclaimer: I've been up nearly all night coughing and I'm deliriously tired. This was all tired fun, no religious truths reflected.

I say... yes!  But it takes 7 of them to do it right with all the colors.  To stay with the Ark theme... there were literally only 7 unicorns in the world, each their own color.  There was no getting on the Ark 2 by 2 happening because it would leave #7 alone to drown.  Well, that was their excuse upon trying to get through the pearly gates.  Really, they were prudish and not really into the whole interracial relationship thing.  To continue, they were spared through the flooding (unicorns float and their horn doubles as a snorkel) but the Ark landed on them when it hit dry ground.  Bummer.  Trapped by the Ark, and before taking their last gasp of sweet air, the 7 unicorns heard the voice of God: "Uh, I've got this As Seen on TV multi-color rainbow creator doo-hickey thing up here but it doesn't work" he said, then grudgingly mumbled, "because I didn't read the instructions before putting it together. I need some help facilitating the creation of a beautiful miracle before y'all come join the rest of the Uni-herd up here".  In response to the plea form the Almighty, the 7 unicorns took in that last breath and... crapped out a 7-layer rainbow!  One man's crap is another man's treasure... and oh, if only Noah knew how the spectacle was actually pulled off. 
Thank you. Thank you.  No encores tonight, the coughing has subsided mostly and there's finally a chance of sleeping for a few hours before going to work.

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DuckieSteph said...

Amazing, haha. Clever, for sure. Thanks for a good laugh this morning before work. =)