Friday, August 11, 2006

Before I Die

Things I want to do/accomplish before I die:
(As of August 11, 2006)

Publish a book

Go parachuting

Marry the love of my life for all time and eternity

Be a mother

Serve a mission

Visit Singapore

Be featured in a photographic art show

Compile all my geneology

Find something worthy of protesting in Washington D.C.

Lead a kick-butt protest in D.C. covered by CNN

Train a dog to use the toilet

Build a tree house for my future children

Learn to belly dance

Compete in a triathalon

Sponsor a soup kitchen for the homeless

Grant a child's wish from the "Make A Wish Foundation"

Save a cancer patient with my bone marrow

Sleep in a barn with all the animals

Pull the train whistle in a moving locomotive

Learn to scuba dive

Pet a penguin

Join a rowing team

Meet a famous stuck-up actor and pretend I have no clue who they are

Learn to hula-dance

Live with an Amish family

Drive a red Mustang convertable in the summer with the top down on I-80 with my mom in the passenger seat.

Walk down a spiral staircase wearing a pretty dress

Learn to read braille

Become a summer counselor for muscular dystrophy camp

Graveyard walk in Sicily

Go back to Ukraine

Go to a minor league baseball game

Dressed accordingly, purchase produce at a market in the middle East

Do the makeup for a deceased person before the funeral

Visit Alcatraz

Write a letter while sitting at the president's desk in the oval office

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