Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I'm precariously balancing two jobs and the most minimalistic social life. Every waking moment there's a portion of my brain dedicated to conjuring up great philosophies to share with the world via this blog. Unfortunately my meanderings have not been shared recently due to my endless hours working. (My sleep time is like my social life- barely existent.) My body is becoming well adjusted to my 14+ hour days and I recently decided to take the time before going to sleep, or before leaving for work, to write. Of course, no great plan is carried out smoothly these days. I should have seen it coming... my laptop's power cord craped out (it was old and has been slowly dying for the last year or so). No power cord means no juice to the computer. No juice means no blog (or anything for that matter).

For today, I have borrowed my friend's computer in order to shovel out my email in-box, pay my cell phone bill, write this little note, etc.

Until my replacement power cord arrives (thanks to mom who got frustrated that I wasn't as connected as usual), you will continue to not hear from me via email or blog. Sorry, but that's just how thing work out sometimes. I'll be back and writing as soon as possible.

Love everyone!


PS. Ben and I set a date a while back... August 18th!!!

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Jake and Annika said...

Beautiful blog. I absolutely looooove the "smoochy" picture. What a talent you have for photography. When you start teaching classes, I'll be your first student!
Love ya!