Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm back and connected... with news.

Here are some meanderings that have been cooped up too long - Brace yourself.

Hopefully y’all know by now that I called off the engagement, the wedding, everything. If you didn’t know, then now you do. If you didn’t even know that I was engaged, then by golly you didn’t miss much. Eh?

Please don’t bother me with a million “why”s regarding the aforementioned piece of news. You won’t get an answer that will make you go, “Ok, I understand”. So again, please don’t come looking for one.

I am unable right now to put any coherent explanation together in writing. Heck, I can barely express myself in the audio form of communication. Just let everything sit well with the simple fact that there are many good roads to traverse in life. I do want to get married someday. That road is definitely ahead of me. I thought this was the right person, and the right time. I was wrong. God and I have an interesting relationship. I ask if I should go through with this or that, and He waits for me to make a decision, then intervenes if necessary to rearrange things.

It was as if He were tapping me on the shoulder for a little while, and I kinda brushed Him off thinking what I was feeling was the usual nerves or cold feet. One day (it was a Thursday morning, I remember it clearly) I woke up and I felt inside like God sat me down (as a good father would) and said, “I was trying to tell you something nice and quietly and you weren’t listening. Now I’m turning up the volume young lady. You need to do something about all this and you need to do it NOW.” From that moment till the day I finally called it off, I was a walking wreck.

Now... I feel like a big cement block has been lifted off my shoulders.

On to brighter subjects....

Along with working as a photographer at a studio, I also work as a waitress most nights. To say the least, I keep plenty busy... 62 hours on a good week kind of busy (I just did the minimum calculation). Now you see why I’m not heard from very often. So tired.

Back to my point. Between both jobs, I meet a TON of people, and have come to some conclusions about different things. Some serious, some hilarious, enjoy.

-The average American family with two point three children are quick to contort the one point two minutes it takes to get a children’s milk from the bar into a drawn-out twenty-minute wait.... then will proceed to cry to a manager about their falsified issues knowing it will annoy him and he will shut them up by taking one of their entrees off the bill. THEN they won’t leave a tip.

-Overweight people leave benches and chairs cleaner when they leave a restaurant than skinny people.

-Parties of more than 15 people (at both the restaurant and photo studio) will inevitably need separate checks and will wait till the last minute to request them.

-People will run from a single moth as if it were godzilla coming to eat them.

-Yelling at your children will not make them smile!

-Hitting your children will not make them smile!

-Yelling at and hitting your children will not make them eat either!

-There are people in existence who will order a meal with the word “chicken” in it’s title and then not eat it because they don’t like chicken. (Stupidity is rampant!)

-The external flash will always die halfway through shooting photos of cute kids belonging to mean parents.

Ok, I’m done for today. I have to go to sleep. *Yawn!*


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Sue said...

You're back! Gosh I missed your blogs. I really look forward to reading your insights on life. It will be fun to look back on your writings when you are my age to see how your perspective changes-and it will, I promise you.