Thursday, October 25, 2007


Well, I have this great blog of the trip dad and I went on to Soldotna recently to pick up my car and... I can't finish it yet. It's a "pictures included" blog entry and is experiencing issues with uploading photos at the moment. Argh.

I just wanted to write a little today. I'm waiting for my laundry to finish so I can go to bed and face tomorrow's fun (ha ha) schedule, even though I have the day off from work:

5:15am - Roll out of bed, shower, get dressed, and eat breakfast in no particular order.
6:40am - Brush teeth.
6:45am - Freeze butt off while scraping ice off car windows then leave the house.
7:30am - Check in and do paperwork at Alaska Regional Hospital's front desk.
7:45am - Check in somewhere else and do more paperwork. Wait.
8:00am - MRI scan done on leg where a hematoma (or so we think it is) still resides from being hit by a drunk driver two years ago.
9:00am to 12:50pm - Hunt down, find, and purchase a decent external flash for my camera, a bundle of 800 ISO film, face paints, maybe get a haircut, eat lunch, save the world, clean up, change clothes, yadda yadda yadda.
12:55pm - Brush teeth.
1:00pm - Pray the roads are dry and I'm not clear across town right now.
1:30pm - Meet up with my friend and her fiance to discuss last minute details for their wedding photography and hopefully catch a few cute moments while I'm at it.
4:00pm - Be Ms. Photographer for the wedding and try not to cry.
6:00pm - Change into my costume in preparation for the young single adult Halloween dance out in Eagle River.
6:55pm - Brush teeth.
7:00pm - Hopefully be ready to leave for that dance and maybe arrive early to help set up.
8:00pm - Dance begins. Have fun.
12:00am - Dance ends. Drive home safely.
12:30am - Brush teeth.
12:35am - Crawl into bed and be comatose for the next 7 hours.

Y'know, I used to color-code my daily schedule down to the minute. It lasted maybe a year, then I drove myself crazy. I was thinking about picking up that habit again... and I just remembered why I don't. S-T-R-E-S-S. Such detailed scheduling is good for some, not for all. I travel with the "all" folks on this one.

Speaking of traveling, I had 3 people at a table today visiting from Utah for a few weeks on a job-related trip. They told me they didn't like Alaska. I told them I didn't like Utah.

They left a great tip when they left.

One more point towards the fact that honesty is the best policy. If I had lied and told them how much I loved Utah and that I wanted to go back so bad, they probably would have been able to read the lies in my face. I refuse to lie to people in hopes of getting bigger tips. It's a ludicrous habit and will bite my coworkers in the butt one day.

Ah, the sound of the dryer stopping.... full of warm sheets ready to put on my bed.

Goodnight, I'm outa here!

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