Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It's the counting part that has it's crazy moments.

I'm gauging the time on this "no dairy, no eggs, no meat" adventure in accordance with the countdown ticker at the bottom of the blog.

I technically started on January 18th, but it was in the middle of the afternoon. I created the countdown thing a little later.

So, regardless of dates, I'm ending my low-risk adventure when the ticker tells me to. It says I have 19 more days and a couple hours left. I'm sticking to that.

By the way, everything is going pretty well with the adventure. A lot of my friends tease me about my craziness, but they are supportive at the same time. Thanks guys!

People need to realize that I'm not supporting PETA. I don't agree with their extremest views. They just happened to be the hosts of the first vegetarian/vegan short-term I'm-accountable-to-somebody challenge I came across. I see some valid points PETA makes (abuse of animals, poisons in meat, etc.) but have it known that I DO support hunting and fishing for sustenance. If you kill it, use as much as you can... and use it properly.

So, again, I have 19 more days and I'm doing well. I've learned two new things about hidden ingredients in the last week:

  1. Restaurant's vegetable (tomato etc.) soups have chicken stock in them.
  2. A number of purchased granola bars are made with powdered milk.

Crazy. What the heck it chicken stock doing in VEGETABLE soup???? Can't the vegetarians and vegans in the world enjoy a cup of soup anymore? Can you imagine all the animal lovers out there? "Yes, I would love some tomato-basil soup." But you and I both know they are consuming derivatives from their good friend the CHICKEN! Akkkk! It's insane!

And then the milk in the GRANOLA bars.... oh never mind. You don't want me to go there.

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