Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One more.

I got to eliminate one more thing from my "Things To Do Before I Die" list featured at the bottom of this blog.


Which one was it?


Saturday evening my father and I went to a hockey game between the Alaskan Aces and Canada's Victoria Salmon Kings.

We were gifted two buddy passes to an Aces game for Christmas. When I found this out I almost shed a tear realizing that one more item on my list would be taken care of, with no prior planning for it.

It was fun. I took my dad to dinner before the game and we enjoyed good times talking and laughing... and eating ourselves silly (it's Wednesday and I still feel full, ha ha).

I'm not much of a sports spectator... but I learned that I wouldn't mind a job in sports photography!

We were one row away from the rink, and sitting right next to the Zamboni. Great eh? I took some mad photos! Most of them look as if I were on the rink (I whipped out my good zoom lens).


I took nearly 800 photos.... which means I have to invest some time SORTING through them and pulling out the best ones and trashing all the ones that didn't work out. (Meaning it's gonna be a good while till anyone sees anything.)

I'm into still-life, well behaved people, and whatever-else-that-doesn't-move-fast photography. However, I learned a lot on Saturday and think I may pick up a new interest in sports.

Watch out, the world isn't nearly ready for me!!!

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