Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fun Family Moment

Yesterday evening while I was at home visiting with my parents between my busy-as-usual moments, my father put on his old rollerskates.

He had been attempting to stretch the boots so they would fit more comfortably.

Yes, you read correctly earlier, he put on HIS old rollerskates. My father has his own skates... because he is so awesome! Dad used to dance a lot on skates in his younger years. Then he did in his older years. Then he fell on ice while carrying food trays for his father's wedding a few years (13 years?) back... and saved the trays instead of himself.

After that, his skates went on a lot fewer trips to the roller rink... so did I for that matter.

Dad wants to get back into skating again. Yay for dad!

His first adventure? Skating cirlces in the kitchen and dancing on the skates in the living room while I had some country music playing on the computer.

Mom's first exclamation: "Turn the music up!" (And I did.)

Mom's second exclamation: "Take pictures!" (You bet I did!)

It was sooooo fun!!!

My family cracks me up! Dad had mom and I laughing so hard one of us could have easily peed our pants, but we didn't - Thank goodness.

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Jake and Annika said...

Love it! Aren't random times like that the best?!

Aaron & Jen said...

How fun! Glad to see life is as wonderful as ever, and that little moments like that are shared.