Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Survival #2

I took the missionaries out to dinner tonight.

Restaurant experience #2 gone veggie - and not earth shatteringly difficult.

The goal while loading my bowl at the Mongolian barbecue place was to be as colorful as possible. (That's my food cooking up there!)

The man who cooks the food and -Swoosh!- shoots it off the flat grill and perfectly back into the bowl was happy to let me take photos. He even looked right at the camera for this one. In his hand is my bowl and my food recovering from being attacked by centrifugal force.

My veggies were so yummy!

Also available (and eaten, mind you) were veggie rolls, seasoned potatoes, peaches, and oranges to compliment my meat, dairy, and egg-less dinner.

I'm full of yummy food up to my eyebrows! 26 days left! BRING IT ON!!!

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Stephanie said...

I LOVE Mongolian BBQ...but haven't found a place in Georgia that has it. Oh, how I miss the variety of ethnic restaurants we had in Anchorage!!