Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another challenge....

My survey on whether or not I could successfully finish the vegetarian/vegan 30-day challenge brought about 66 votes for "Absolutely!!!", 2 votes for "Maybe.", and 2 votes for "Heck NO!!!".

Bragging rights go to those who voted for "Absolutely!!!". Yay for you! I know there was only a couple who voted, with someone sitting and voting 62-ish times. But hey, a vote is a vote. Thanks for the good thoughts.

My next 30-day challenge is........


Spending the next 30 days with a good attitude about my body.

More info to come soon.

I must now retire to my bed for tomorrow is the first day at my new job with an organization in town (Assets) that works with adults with mental disabilities. I'm so excited! The position I've wanted since I arrived back in Alaska opened up recently and I snagged it! I'll be working as an employment specialist (job coach) around the city at different job-sites each day.

1 comment:

Cori Countess said...

Employment Specialist Huh?

You would have to go so far to help with that. I could have used your expertise.

Making it through the "No Meat Challenge" leaves me with two words... You Rock!! ...like a Rock Star, even. LOL

I knew you could do it (I probably should have voted in such a supportive posture). Exuse me for fibbing. Cori has Jokes ,too. I really knew you would knock it (the challenge) out of the park. You have the desire but when you are challenged everything goes out the window. Besides, only my chicken sandwiches tempt you ;)