Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Having missed chicken...

My first meal with meat/dairy/eggs in it again was a chicken sandwich at Applebees this evening with friends from church.

It surely was no gourmet meal, but I admit to having missed chicken... which made it grand.

What have I learned from all this?

Meat ought to be a delicacy, or at least something special in a meal.

Meat is hard to digest, it takes more energy to do so, and right now I feel like I have a ton of bricks sitting inside my stomach. I do not plan to eat so much meat in one sitting again. It just doesn't sit well anymore.

The less dairy products I consume, the better I feel. I plan on keeping dairy to a minimum from now on.

I've learned that I can accomplish things that I set out to do, no matter how odd.

My friends, aside from fun teasing, are very supportive of my "low-risk adventures".

Hot chammomile tea and fruit can be just as fulfilling as hot cocoa and pie at 2am when it means spending time with a guy who holds my interest.

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Stephanie said...

Good for you! I'm proud of you! I always knew you could do anything you set your mind to...remember, I've known you since you were 6! *smile*