Friday, February 8, 2008

Put aside your "seeking" list...

I replied to a close friend's email recently, and realized this morning that if I annonymous-ified it, it would make an insightful blog post. The topic is a continuation of the dating/relationship theme that started with my last post. Enjoy.

Oh friend, my dear dear friend.

My heart hurts thinking how you may be plotting to move or relocate to find someone who may be a potential marriage choice. And what if you go through all that trouble and find nobody? Or go through all that trouble and find heartache? Or go through all that trouble just to find you didn't see someone you missed right where you were in the first place? Have you considered that maybe you are blind? Knowing you, I am sure there is more than one great fully qualified young lady right where you are, wishing you would see them and give them a chance.

I always feel skipped over. I have so many great guy friends who immediately put me in the friend-zone and that's it. It's like I never get a chance, ever. All but one of my dating experiences, have stemmed from being asked out on a date by someone I barely know and haven't even had a chance to be around long enough to determine if there's plain interest or not. It always seems that by the time I can figure if I'm really interested or not, I either end up breaking someone's heart... or agreeing to marry 'im because I can't figure a reason not too. (And that is a once in a lifetime happening right there, never again.)

You ever look around at your close girl friends and see if any of them even somewhat fit your "seeking" list? You know them better than a lot of women you are around day-to-day. The proverbial 'they' say things like "marry your best friend' and such. Is there a woman in your life already that is advancing to that level? The level up there, nearing, and/or equal to best friend? Why don't you put aside your "seeking" list and take a moment to jot down the qualities you simply seek in a best friend. Open your eyes and see if you can find a woman who matches THAT list first.

Wish you were up here. People are coming over to my house tonight to play games and hang out. You're invited but I don't think you can fly up here in time. It's the thought that counts.

Hugs, and lots of them.


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