Thursday, February 28, 2008

"...trying to let her shine a little, that's all."

As far as my newest challenge is going, reports are good. I have been thinking good things about my body and find myself caring less about what others think. Not that I really cared much before. If someone is willing to stoop low enough to have a problem with my appearance, that's their own issue. They obviously aren't worth my time.

I did a very mini wardrobe overhaul a few weeks ago (small steps... small steps). I got brave and tried some clothing styles that are different for me. I needed a cleaned up, I-really-do-care-about-myself, semi-causal yet professional look... and I think I've found one that I like.

Before the overhaul, I even treated myself to a haircut. I gave the stylist freedom to do whatever she wanted as long as she kept some reasonable length to my hair. She gave me some distiguishable layers, side-swoop bangs... and I like 'em! It's amazing how much a hair change can affect a person. I think it helps me look more 23 (my age) and less 16 (which is where I have been guessed at on more than one occasion within the last year).

You see, change is not bad. It can be quite good. However, it's best when done for one's self and nobody else. And even then, maybe "change" isn't the best desciption...

I'm not changing into a different person... I am refining the person I am. There's this great confident put-together young lady inside that has been hiding for years and years. I'm trying to let her shine a little, that's all.


Annika said...

Where are the pictures?! I must see your new hair cut. Speaking of hair cuts.... where is my DVD of our college days little missy? I sent you an e-mail forever ago. Did you get it? Hmmm...

Cori Countess said...

Jo-Jo it's good to know that you are feeling well and even trying to look the part... Um, what's the part again? Why the change? Haircut... I don't believe it!
I've even asked that question and it has always seemed pretty sacred and special in your eyes. How could you deviate from that position, now... after leaving.
It's cool, just want you to be happy.