Sunday, March 9, 2008

Kapput. Done. Gone.

Spring break around the nation has arrived for school-aged children, college students.... and WATCH OUT, I've been thinking.

Children and young adults of America are soft with their expectancies of seasonal breaks.

One day folks, you will NOT have 2 weeks of "veg" time around the holidays in December..... you will NOT get a week off from life to combat cabin-fever in March... you may not get Labor Day off, or Presidents Day off, or -Gasp!- the day before Thanksgiving off from whatever you may be doing. Oh, and the whole summer break deal, don't get used to it.

Yes, loathe graduation from whatever mucky-muck university you attend, for therein encompasses the day all your needed no-questions-asked vacation time ends.

Kapput. Done. Gone.

I've known multiple people who take leave from work for spring break that doesn't exist anymore, or Christmas break that doesn't exist anymore.... even at the expense of their employment.

It makes no sense.

Our educational system made them soft. So soft they figured they DESERVED that select time off from work and didn't stop and consider the consequences of their demands. What are they going to do when they have a family? "Hey sweetie, it's that time of year again, spring break is back and I'm outa here. See you and the kids in a week. Oh, and by the way, I lost my job. They just didn't get the memo that the world revolves around ME."

If life doesn't give us breaks for seasonal relaxation and recuperation, then why the heck are we preparing the children of today, and the leaders of tomorrow, with the luxury and false idea that it does???


Julia said...

Amen! New York public schools get a break every season, Fall, Winter and Spring, on top of Christmas/New Years holiday break, Thanksgiving, all those other holidays, and all the Jewish Holidays. Fall Break is a week in October, Winter break is a week in February, and Spring break is in April. It is a joke.

Columbia is on Spring break right now, but I am at work. I didn't even get Presidents day off. Sometimes I look back on my happy student days, when I would get 2-3 weeks for Christmas, the day before AND after Thanksgiving, and all those other great "extra days." But hey, now I have a degree and an income, and that is better than all those miserable all-nighters studying, even if I don't have quite the same amount of vacation.

RealFruitBeverage said...

We are preparing them to work for the federal government.

La negra said...

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice Joanna. I like to think that I will have vacations like Spring Break forever!!! If that means I gotta work in a school system...then I'll work in da dang school system! LOL! Thanks for you comments earlier. I'll have to link you up on my page later. And yes....they are my photos. Thanks!!! Love ya.