Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Double Feature

"I Farted Over THERE"

This kid (kid A) in the after-school program one of my clients works at was sitting next to another kid (kid B) enjoying snack.

Kid C wanted to come over and sit with kid B, but kid B said no, accusing kid A of passing gas.

Kid A insisted he did not pass gas.

Kid B insisted that he did pass gas because he could smell it.

And this is where kid A brighly shouted, "That's because I farted over THERE!!!"

Tact.... where can we get a tact upgrade for our youth? Anyone? Anyone?

"Can You Tip Me Over?"

One of my clients is a little uneasy on his feet.

He works where he is frequently around boxes.

Boxes, unsteady gait... you do the math - Some things are eventually inevitable.

He turned around to do something and lost his footing, sitting himself inside an open box.

With his feet and hands and head above the box, this grown man looked at me with his one good eye and innocently said, "Can you tip me over so I can get out?"

I nearly died laughing.

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