Sunday, March 23, 2008

Traveling Kitty: Scenes 1, 2, & 3

A friend of mine in Maryland sent this stuffed Hello Kitty doll up here to Alaska so I could take some pictures of it and send it back for a project her niece (I think) is doing.

I'm busy, so I haven't gotten as many photos as I'd like thus far.

Today, post-Easter dinner offered some fun time for photography.

My friends Cristi and Jessica came to dinner at my Grandparent's house with me and afterwards I showed them a place in town where you can see downtown Anchorage quite nicely. [Check out my photo page for more views.]

And here you see Cristi, reliving yesteryear with Hello Kitty in hand.

It is life's priceless moments we live for, eh?

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Anonymous said...
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RealFruitBeverage said...

It is a good thing Hello Kitty isn't a cat, because well cats are evil and I rather like Hello Kitty.

Yes me liking Hellow Kitty feeds into a stereo type, but well I don't care.

Aaron & Jen said...

Love Hello Kitty, and your 3 for 1! I love funny kid stories and think I"m going to be asking people if they're believers as well.
I'm so happy to read all about you, you have such a way with words. Any fun plans for the summer that is slowly creeping up on us all?
Wishing you sunshine and happy moments to catch either on film or in your memory. :)

Jake and Annika said...

What a cute idea. I'll have to do something like that for Anson!