Sunday, March 27, 2011

American Cancer Society - Relay For Life May 13-14, 2011

This will be my third year of participating in American Cancer Society's Relay For Life, a 20 to 24-hour non-stop walk in memory of, honor of, and in support of those affected by cancer... and their loved-ones.

Please donate to this great cause if you can.  Click HERE and it will give you many options for donations.  Click HERE and you can dedicate luminarias, $10 each, that will line the pathway and be lit from sun down until the relay is over the next afternoon.

Thank you all for your help!


PS. What can your donation do? Per American Cancer Society's website, here's how your donation can help:

Programs and Services
  • $5 - Can provide an hour of toll-free access to the National Cancer Information Center, providing support and valuable information for a newly diagnosed cancer patient anywhere in the country.
  • $25 - Can provide an interpreter for a 10-minute call to 1-800-227-2345 (National Cancer Information Center) – providing priceless information for a patient newly diagnosed with cancer.
  • $100 - The cost of training and providing resources for the Road to Recovery volunteer to make sure patients get to their treatment appointments.
  • $100 - Can provide a gas card to a patient to help them get to treatment appointments and relieve financial burden.
  • $75 - Can provide a woman battling cancer with a complimentary bra or other personal care item from our tlc catalog.
  • $100 - Can provide a wig for a patient battling cancer to help boost morale.
  • $75 - The cost of training and providing resources for the Reach to Recovery volunteer to visit and provide ACS resources to a woman just diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • $350 - Value of Look Good...Feel Better® consultation giving a cancer patient the opportunity to learn how to care for her changing skin during treatment including simple tactics for drawing eyebrows on her face and impacting her sense of well-being and self esteem.
  • $2,500 - Pays for a 1-year college scholarship awarded to eligible young cancer survivors to help relieve the burden on families facing costly medical bills.
  • $150 - Can provide lodging to a patient to help them get to treatment and ease financial burden.
  • $10 - Can provide a Petri dish for cancer research, essential to the life-saving work of scientific discovery.
  • $15 - Can provide 50 test tubes needed by scientists working on a cure for cancer.
  • $20 - The cost of dividing DNA taken from 5 of the 1,200 cases during the American Cancer Society’s Prevention Study II, which helps researchers understand the genetics of cancer.
  • $30 - Can purchase a glass Erlenmeyer flask, which allow researchers to mix and/or store different substances, including potentially beneficial drugs, to discover their cancer-related effects.
  • $350 - Provides 1 Gel Box, which researchers use to isolate DNA and identify differences that may impact cancer diagnosis or treatment.
  • $10 - Pays for a one-year membership to the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN). ACS CAN members take action on legislative issues consistent with the Society’s leadership role in cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, and survivorship. Visit ACS CAN at (ACS CAN is the non-partisan, nonprofit advocacy affiliate of the American Cancer Society, and donations must be made separately to ACS CAN.)
  • $50 - Supports advocacy campaigns to increase funding for cancer research or smoke-free laws.

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