Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Fervent Focus

On my way home tonight I couldn't pass up the opportunity to capture the beauty of an old and dear friend, Cheney Lake.  What you don't see in this photo are the kids running around near the water outside of the photo frame, the woman behind me smoking, the creepy dude staring out the window of his car on my right, the boat being hauled over the top of the car on my left, the traffic behind me, or (your loss) the handsome young man who parked his bike to come sit near the bank and simply exist.  When I feel sincerely drawn to take a particular photo, to capture the essence of beauty, I am sheltered by the same boundaries which frame the scene as I prepare to release the shutter.  One of the greatest challenges in life is to harness such focus in one's day to day existence. 

I pray we can all pick up the proverbial camera more often, striving to find that which is beautiful and good in our lives and the journeys we take. By doing such, our focus will be on more eternal matters, and the distractions around us will slowly fade into the far borders of our view.

Please don't hesitate to set aside time to express your appreciations, show kindness toward others, and to fervently focus on what matters most.

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