Tuesday, November 21, 2006

No wonder...

A two-year-old child should not be expected to act angelic 24/7.

A couple brought their child to my photo studio to get pictures taken the other day. The kid wasn't on his best behavior, whatever. He wouldn't smile on cue, but what 2-year-old does?

So, because of this kid's non-perfect behavior, his mom starts yelling at him telling him he's full of ****. Then turns to her boyfriend and tells him the kid's full of ****. Then turns to me and tells me he's full of ****. Then tells the kid he's full of **** again. And...

And I looked at her and said, "Ah, no wonder the kid won't smile."

I would have sent the mom and her beau out of the camera room if it hadn't been for the young age of the child. I can't believe how he was being treated.

I swear (actually, I don't swear. Those were just asterisks I typed in).... ok, on to my point... I swear I will never treat any child with such disrespect as I have seen in the last few months at the studio. I'll one-up that... I will never treat any human being with such disrespect as I have witnessed at work recently.

They say being a parent doesn't come with a handbook... I think in many instances and for many people out there... IT SHOULD!

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