Friday, December 1, 2006

Gasps for air...

She had been looking forward to the volleyball game for 2 weeks. Friday evening arrived, and I headed to pick up my coworker and friend at her house. I arrived and found her in pajamas with a tear-streaked face.

Supposed heartbreak can do numbers on a girl.

Knowing the culprit boy, I theorize that he's a wee bit frightened. They're both young, and unstable in many ways. He has very little to offer her right now and is afraid of a declared relationship. She thinks something is wrong with her because of his adversion to committment.

I witness his adoration almost daily. If she could really really see the way he looks at her, and gasps for a little air and sits up straighter when she enters the room... she'd realize that he worships the ground she walks on... and just needs some time to figure out who he is and where he needs to be headed.

I sat with her for an hour, and left her to curl up and watch a chic-flick with her sister since I couldn't bribe her out of the house with anything. Nope, not even the cure-all known as icecream.

As for the volleyball game... I waltzed in late, alone, and lacking our 6th player.

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