Monday, March 16, 2009


Grandma was better today. She actually answered, in part, simple questions rather than just parroting words. From the couch I asked, "Grandma, do you know who I am? "She answered, "Joanne." She identified me by voice as she had not seen me yet. Granted, she called me Joanne rather than Joanna but she's always done that. Today she could have answered saying I was her granddaughter or Suzy's daughter and I'd be just as thrilled. Shoot, she's alive... I'm thrilled. And yet... I'm trying to see things as they are. I was talking to a hospice nurse and found myself admitting to her, and now here in writing, that Grandma is very much suffering and not happy. Perhaps it would be better for her if... if she were to... pass sooner than later. Sad but true. I also would rather be here for emotional drama rather than 5000 miles away; kneenex is less expensive. That and Andy is here. I'm finding great comfort in being near my cousin. As far as the pictures go, I just wanted to sing praises to my GPS that has taken care of me very well thus far. Today I drove with it in the dark. Wow. If I had to rely on a map alone I may have never made it back to Andy's house after I got gas on the way from the hospice center. Gas, as you can see, is cheaper here. At home in Anchorage the cheapest unleaded gas today according to is $2.33 a gallon. The $2.15 you see above was high compared to the $2.09 seconds down the road that was also a full service station. I've seen prices as low as $2.01 so far. Crazy.

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