Monday, March 16, 2009

Multimedia message

Good morning! It's Monday and I dare say a pretty good one. Yesterday I made it to church in Herkimer then spent a little over 5 hours at the hospice place with Grandma. She had a bad night which spilled over into a bad day. She ate for the first time yesterday while I was there and actually took hold of my hand which made me cry (not the most difficult thing to do these days). A lot of tears were shed between Grandma and myself. That's why approaching hour number 6 I had to leave; I was exhausted. I came back to Andy's and enjoyed a delicious dinner with him, Mike, Andrea, little Michael, and Jason, a cousin of Mike and Andy's from their dad's side of the family. After they left Andy and I stayed up talking about crime, racial profiling, septic tanks, wells, and water pumps. I found out that the couch/bed I'm sleeping on is usually in the basement as a chill spot in the band area. He hauled it upstairs last week so I'd have a place to sleep. When did my cousin become this awesome guy? On to today... Andy has the day off work and is still sleeping. We were up probably too late for our own good last night. I've been up for a while. Did the dishes from last night. Rotated Andy's laundry and started a small load of mine... Which means I'm house bound until my jeans are dry. I suppose that is why this post is so long... Considering the fact I'm posting from my cell phone. On that note I think the washer just stopped and I hear Andy getting up. Yay for a new day.

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