Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random posting

I think I may have caught whatever cold Andy is fighting off. Taking my time today to get up and moving. I feel blah but promised Grandma I'd visit today... How could I miss any opportunity to spend time with her? It's just going to be later in the afternoon today, that's all. I've been aimless today wandering around Andy's house. His slippers were sitting on the kitchen floor and it's amazing how vastly opposite we are in certain aspects. He got the tall thin genes in the family complete with freckles... And I for sure got none of those three. We're both the redheads in our family though, left-handed, looked identical when we were younger, easy to please, quiet by nature, and fairly indifferent about whatever. We both like fishing, guns, a nice walk by the train tracks, and making fun of stupid commercials on the rare occasion we actually watch tv. I dare say we're cohabitating pretty well for cousins, people in general, who don't really know each other. Feels good. And here comes the random part: See the salad dressing container? How come everyone I know, it seems, has one of these while I admit to having never seen one until last summer? Even my cousin out here in the sticks (though not as far out as he'd like to be) has one in his fridge with homemade dressing in it. I feel so out of the loop. However, not one out here I've asked thus far has heard of or tried Nutella. It's a very tasty hazelnut and chocolate spread... And I snuck a jar into Andy's cabinet. He he, I'm so sly. Not.

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The Steve said...

They haven't heard of Nutella ? That stuff is like crack on bread...it is amazing ^_^

Sorry you are sick. Get feeling better, Joanna !